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The Internet is a wonderful place to do research, build things or just pass the time. But the more time you spend on the Internet, more data is collected about you and added to gigantic databases. Your data is a gold mine of personal, commercial and financial information, but in terms of the protection of this data, the Internet manages it very badly! Your data can end up in the wrong hands, and even if it’s secure, it can be traded, sold to many other companies and governments to offer you targeted advertising or influence your political opinion and more!

Oasis wants to fix that. Because data protection is not just about locking and securing data, but also giving you control over the data you share and with who you share it!

Imagine being able to give your personal data necessary for a medical research but without the risk that this data will be disclosed, stolen or exchanged.

Oasis makes this possible. It’s a cloud platform that apps work on, just like the applications you use today, but it’s powered by blockchain, state-of-the-art technology to ensure privacy and decentralized structure, which better controls how data is transmitted without intermediary.

Oasis gives you control and possession of your personal data to make the Internet more private and respectful on a platform that follows the demand of the real world. It has easy-to-use tools that allow developers to build applications on the Oasis ecosystem.

Whether it is to keep personal data private even on social networks or to protect financial data or to provide faster and more affordable services while respecting the personal data of users/users.

With Oasis, developers can create better software that ensures data usage is compliant while giving you greater peace of mind. Oasis makes data privacy easier

Et un meilleur internet ? Seulement une question de temps. #MakeTheInternetABetterPlace

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Risk Disclosure : Warning, this is in no way an incentive or investment advice, the risks associated with the Blockchain can be consequent for beginners through mismanagement. It is important to be warned about this! Never invest blindly, nor what you can afford to lose!

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15 years old, passionate about new technologies and defender of privacy rights on the internet, I try to make as many people as possible aware of the challenges of new technologies on the future in our society by explaining the problems and giving ethical solutions and has great potential!

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