PoolTogether, a revolutionary lottery without loss

PoolTogether is a revolutionary lottery without loss. For every dollar you deposit, you get a ticket to participate in the lottery. Even if you don’t win, you keep your tickets, and as long as you keep your bet, you keep trying your luck to win

That sounds too good to be true? Here’s how PoolTogether works,

When you get PoolTogether tickets you deposit your money in a common pot; For a week, all the money deposited in this common pot earns interest and at the end of this period, a random winner wins all interest that has accumulated. The other participants retain their starting capital.

Everyone has a chance to win, but no one loses!

Saving becomes as much fun as playing a game and it works best when we all play together.

In addition, since version 3.0 of PoolTogether, the simple fact of holding tickets earns you interest on your capital in addition to participating in the lottery. Which is more interesting than just saving.

Join PoolTogether now and start saving smart with decentralized blockchain technology!

Risk Disclosure : : Warning, this is in no way an incentive or investment advice, the risks associated with the Blockchain can be consequent for beginners through mismanagement. It is important to be warned about this! Never invest blindly, nor what you can afford to lose! Learn more about the risks here.

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