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DNS is used all the time, by everyone, it saves us time and space in our brain. Without DNS we would have to remember all the IP addresses of websites instead of its web address like for postal addresses, imagine having to remember the GPS coordinates of your house instead of its postal address, that would be complicated! But behind all of this hides an ease for mass surveillance of the population by corporations and governments ...

But first of all what is DNS?

How DNS works

DNS, abbreviation of Domain Name System, is one of the most common and least understood components of the web landscape. Simply put, DNS helps direct internet traffic by connecting domain names to web servers. Essentially, when querying a domain name like the DNS provides the IP address of the server that hosts the website as

Here is the diagram of how DNS services work

Dns Cover
Image from Netosec

DNS & Mass Surveillance

Most frequently, users use the default DNS servers which are those of the Internet service provider or even Google, Cloudflare, etc.

Problem! Not all of these companies are known to respect your privacy; on the contrary, they use your personal data to resell them and make a profit; this data is used for advertising targeting or even for governments to monitor your online activities! That's why it's free because you are the product!

In addition to mass surveillance the default DNS is a weakness, it uses unencrypted protocols, which means anyone connected to your WiFi can do DNS Spoofing, this involves changing the landing page to another page while keeping the same domain name; the danger of this attack is to expose you to hacking of your accounts, bank cards and all your confidential data.

Here is the diagram of the DNS spoofing attack

Téléchargement 2
Image from Netosec

The solution !

Capture D’écran De 2020 07 28 19 04 00

NextDNS is a DNS service like no other, it respects and protects the privacy of its users, allows you to block advertisements, trackers, connections to countries with bad ethical reputations, phishing sites, crypto miners -coins, circumvents censorship and protects children from adult content.

The DNSCrypt, DNS-over-HTTPS, DNS-over-TLS encryption protocols are also the great assets of NextDNS qui permet de protéger le trafic DNS en chiffrant toutes les requêtes pour bloquer les tentatives de piratage ou d’espionnage.

NextDNS has many domain blocking features like .ru or .cn to block connections to Russia or China, as well as domain names often used for scams such as .tk which is number 1 in misused domain names.

The NextDNS blocklist is also very advantageous because it allows you to add popular blocklists that allow you to block countless advertisements, trackers, malicious sites, but also government agency servers.s

Capture D’écran De 2020 07 28 19 15 42
Exemple d’une blocklist NextDNS

Native Tracking Protection is brand new and unique, it is a NextDNS blocklist that allows you to block manufacturer tracking on the phone

Capture D’écran De 2020 07 28 19 16 50
Native Tracking Protection

NextDNS also includes parental controls to block access to adult content, video games or cash, dating apps, illegal download sites and potentially social networks. But a great advantage of NextDNS parental controls is also having the ability to block parental control circumvention techniques, specifically to force search engines or platforms like YouTube not to display unwanted content.


NextDNS is the best DNS that protects your privacy and security of its users.
At present, many DNS log the activities of their users but NextDNS leaves the possibility to log or not your activities and if they are registered, they will be in a country with strong privacy laws like Switzerland.

You can visit the website of NextDNS to find out more, it is even possible to test the interface and functionality of NextDNS without having to create an account (But this is better to save the configuration).

Access the NextDNS website

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