Brave, the browser that redesigns the web

Brave is an open source* internet browser, itself based on the open source Chromium * project. The goal of Brave is to protect your privacy and security, and to revolutionize the digital advertising system.

Brave was designed with the Basic Attention Token, it's an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that powers Brave's digital advertising system, how's that?
We will see it together!

Brave Shields

Le bloqueur de publicité, trackers, cookies tiers et empreinte numérique intégré à Brave

Brave Shields is Brave's security center, it is what integrates the ad blocker, the tracker blocker, the non-essential script blocker, the inter-site cookie blocker, the connection automatically switching to HTTPS * from possible and blocking the collection of digital fingerprints *.

All of these features included in the Brave Shields, make Brave a major plus for its speed, security and privacy protection.

The speed of loading web pages is improved by blocking advertisements. Security is enhanced by passing all web requests over HTTPS and privacy is maintained using tracker blocker, cross-site cookies and blocked fingerprint collection attempts

Brave Rewards

Le Brave Rewards est le système publicitaire de Brave, c'est l'endroit ou vous recevrez votre argent et où vous pourrez faire des donations à des créateurs certifié

Brave Rewards is the innovative new advertising system designed by Brave. Its advertising operation pays users 70%, the remaining 30% is sent to Brave.

Brave Rewards is based on the Basic Attention Token, it is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin for example designed by Brave that feeds the Brave Rewards system. It is with this cryptocurrency currency that you will be paid for the attention you give to advertisements.

Brave Rewards can also be used to donate to your favorite content creators with the money you've earned from giving attention to ads. It also allows you to set up a monthly contribution (monthly donation)
to the website (if registered and certified by Brave) that
you visit the most.

Brave Ads

Exemple d'une publicité Brave sous forme de notification

Brave Ads is simply the Brave Rewards advertising system, it is with these advertisements that appear as non-invasive notifications, that you will be remunerated by giving attention to these advertisements, You can configure up to at 5 advertisements per hour.
For each ad you go to see, you will be paid approximately between 5 and 15 euro cents (depending on the value of the current BAT in Euros), which is approximately 0.25 BAT (Basic Attention Token).

The ads that appear on the screen appear as notifications, they are non-invasive and non-intrusive ads, which means that they do not appear in the middle of the screen, they are there is no image or video that distracts you and also that these advertisements are not targeted and respect your privacy.

Tor Private Tabs

Explication du fonctionnement de l’intégration de Tor dans la navigation privée

Another advantage of Brave is the presence of private windows via the Tor network, which allows you to benefit from a real private browsing experience (Compared to Google Chrome or Firefox) which leaves no trace on the system and without that your internet service provider gets to know the sites you are visiting. It also allows access to the .onion domain (hidden domain only accessible via Tor) But I advise you to use the Tor browser instead, to browse on .onion sites because Brave does not use the same layer of network that Tor uses. Brave only uses a single Tor node instead of a dozen for the Tor Browser. We will talk about the Tor network and its browser in a future post.

Other features

Brave contains many other very useful features such as:

Toute les autres fonctionnalité actuelles disponibles dans Brave


Brave is one of the best browsers for security, speed and privacy. It also has very important values for the future as shown by its revisited and innovative advertising process, so what are you waiting for?

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Available on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS

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