The Whiacker Story

The Internet is a playground for mass surveillance and for hackers. All these terms are scary, and suggest that our personal data is threatened as well as our privacy, our freedoms and our security.

Over time, I quickly realized that few people were aware of being watched, hacked, sold to corporations, exploited. Why ?

Because no one has taken the time to read the terms of service and privacy policy, and everyone clicks the "I agree to the terms" button. It’s unhappy and sad, but it’s like that, I don’t read them myself.

So I had a project in mind, my project was to develop this digital consciousness, so that people open their eyes and realize for themselves that their privacy and their freedom are in danger.

The Edward Snowden affair which revealed the American Government's mass surveillance program, or the Cambridge Analytica affair which manipulated and influenced the political opinions of millions of Americans for the election of Donald Trump and millions of Britons for Brexit, and so on, has still not woken up the people and there is still time to wake up to fight for our future!

These are the causes for which I fight and protect myself, because I value my privacy and my freedoms for the future!

And I would also like to sensitize as many people as possible so that people open their eyes and stop feeding this system which will sooner or later harm the population, and our future generations ...

The door to change can only be opened from within, everyone holds the key.

Jacques Salomé

Matissime Written by:

15 years old, passionate about new technologies and defender of privacy rights on the internet, I try to make as many people as possible aware of the challenges of new technologies on the future in our society by explaining the problems and giving ethical solutions and has great potential!

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